Aaron Guardado was born and bred and never fled Cypress, California. He had built a few bikes before with his brother, Shaun, from BSA’s, to Ironheads, to Sportsters, and more recently some work on a few Dynas. This sweet and simple runner was actually the first completed bike that was built 100% to his specifications, though. Guardado drew his inspiration from a similar bike that caught his eye. Aaron recalls, “It had big wheels, a hard tail frame, and a nice front end, so I decided to hunker down and get one going for myself. The build started at Todd’s Cycle, then went to our shop, Suicide Machine Company. The craftsmanship of all the parts we used are the highest quality in my opinion, from the Todd’s Cycle parts that Silicato makes, to the ISR brake systems from Sweden. For the final touches it went back to Todd and we got it fired. After everything was done, and on the bike, we fired it a few times, and we were very happy at this point until we put transmission fluid in. A horrible leak from the transmission took us from thinking we had a completed bike, to waiting another week until we could actually take it down the street.”

Guardado has ridden the bike 3,200 miles since its completion. In fact, a day after final shakedown, he rode up the California coast from Orange County to San Luis Obispo County. “That has been the furthest ride to date. For now I’m just keeping it local, but I wouldn’t hesitate taking it back up on a long highway ride. There is definitely enough motor for the bike, with a little bit of tire to go with it. With a hand full of throttle the back tire will get loose. The front end is smoother than other front ends I’ve ran on my bikes. I really think that makes a big difference being a hard tail bike. Originally I built the front wheel with no brake, but with the motor running, shortly after, I had a front wheel built and took advantage of the radial mount on the Marzocchi forks and put a brake on. The time spent building the bike with my brother, and others that helped was a good experience and built better friendships between everyone involved. I haven’t decided yet what’s next, but I am leaning towards a rigid sidecar with another big motor for my brother and I to get in trouble with.”


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